Meet the Team

Open Wide and Step Inside is a great example of our partnership and collaborative approach as it brought together the social enterprise, charity and cooperate sectors within the city of Plymouth.

Peninsula Dental Social Enterprise 

Established in 2015 and provides clinical environments for Plymouth University’s Peninsula Dental Schools dental and dental hygiene therapy students. This project is one example of the variety of oral health improvement projects across the Peninsula it supports. Acting as the lead partner throughout the whole project the following members of the PDSE team have brought their skills and expertise to ensure this project stands as an exemplar in oral health promotion and education.









































































Dr Robert Witton, Director and Board Member 


Rob is Director of the Peninsula Dental Social Enterprise (PDSE), Director of Social Engagement and Community-Based Dentistry at Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, and a consultant in dental public health to Public Health England. He is also a practising qualified dentist. He is responsible for overseeing the running of the Peninsula Dental Social Enterprise and its relationships with its patients, dental health students, staff, clinical colleagues, the NHS, Plymouth University and the community at large.


Nathan Findlay, Chief Operating Officer, Director and Board Member


Nathan is Chief Operating Officer with oversight of the day to day operation of PDSE. He has been with the organisation for three years with a background in corporate dentistry and healthcare management. Nathan is a member of Chartered Management Institute and Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.


Lisa Griffiths, Oral Health Educator


Lisa is the Oral Health Educator at PDSE and plays the magical role of 'Fenella' the Fairy Tooth Godmother and delivers the OWSI workshops across various schools, libraries and community groups.

Lisa has delivered the programme to over 4000 children aged 4-7 years, her creative and theatrical approach engages children and keeps their focus and attention. 

Justine Kelly, Project Coordinator 


Justine is Project Coordinator at PDSE and is responsible for orchestrating and delivering successful projects, this can vary from IT & system upgrades to large scale refurbishment works. 

Justine brings with her a breadth of knowledge and experience in Retail, Commercial Design & Space Planning as well as PR and Management. 

Justine was challenged with commercialising the existing programme into a tangible product/service fit for purpose and nationwide delivery.

Mags Truman, Chief Operating Officer 

As a Chartered Management Accountant, Mags is able to deal with the business aspects of running the Well Connected charity. 

She also brings with her a wealth of experience of working in different sectors, including the charity sector, which she is able to draw on to ensure the charity is effectively led.

Alongside the Community Engagement Lead she also works with the Board of Trustees to design and implement business strategies, plans and procedures.


Wendy Smith MBE, Strategic Lead

With a background in teaching, training and health education, Wendy has a wide range of experience in delivering effective and successful community based projects.

Wendy has been involved with OWSI from the very beginning, developing the characters and storyboard. Wendy has taken an active role in developing the key features and messages of the film as well as creating the teaching materials and resources which enhance and add value to the programme overall. She has also established the processes and procedures which underpin the development and delivery of this community based project; her experience of working alongside schools and other community groups have been invaluable.


Natasha Markland, Charity Administrator


With a background in administration, finance and customer service, Natasha has a wide range of skills and knowledge that she brings to her role as a Charity Administrator for Well Connected. 

Natasha runs the daily administrative and BAU aspects of the OWSI programme and on occasions assists Lisa with OWSI delivery.  


Well Connected

An independent charity which works with PDSE to deliver community based oral health themed initiatives. Registered with the Charity Commission in 2017 Well Connected is an experienced and trusted team of people who have developed many partnerships and networks across the region to support health improvement within the community. With an award winning approach, the team have brought their creativity and flair to the programme.